Two great events coming up on Wed 10th November!

Wednesday is really a great day in Metropolia! The day starts with event called “Branding of green business” in Myyrmäki (from 10:00 until 12:00) and continues at Leppävaara with Entrepreneur Club (from 16:00 until 17:30 + some networking).

Green business is one of the most fascinating concepts around. It can enable making business without trashing the natural resources for good i.e. making sure that the used natural resources will get back to re-use and nature. Great stuff indeed but how do you sell green business and furthermore how to market it? More info at

And of course who would be better in developing green business than entrepreneurs and startups? Startups have many challenges for example scarcity of resources like time and money but in the end they have somethings that really beats the **** out of huge corporations.

  • Startups can be lean – making decisions and getting ppl on board is million times easier and that my friend helps reaching the goals!
  • Most people in startups have a great passion for the mission they’re after – what could be better than to work with people who really care and really want to achieve the goals!
  • Startups aren’t prisoners of old habits and legacy – “because we say so” and “this is how it’s always done” doesn’t fly in startups!

Was there enough reasons to get you register to Entrepreneur Club on Wed 10th November, 16:00, Leppävaara? If yes, send an email to and come to listen what our guests Jalmari Raippalinna (Applifier) and Kikke Heikkinen (Lilith) has to say about entrepreneurship!

See you on Wed!
Br. Riina
(, +358(0)40 567 9696)

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