September 30, 2015 – “The Cruel Reality of an Entrepreneur”

The latest event of Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society is now live! We have three experts who will tell exactly: WHY YOU SHOULD NOT BE AN ENTREPRENEUR!

Marc Dillon (Co-founder, COO and Head of Software at Jolla)
Martti Mikkola (CEO at Ainoma)
Antti Törrönen (CEO at Kwork Innovations)

The Cruel Reality of an Entrepreneur is an ultimate guide from professionals who know best about being an entrepreneur. You will learn the real life facts about the entrepreneurship and the day-to-day routine necessary for success (or failure). These guys managed to establish prosperous business here in Finland and are ready to share its cruel reality. It is not a dream as many of you think! Or is it?


Get your free ticket now and unleash your entrepreneurship spirit with Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society!

P.S.Great variaty of pizzas from Splizzeria and fantastic networking are included!
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