Trough Slush 2016.

The biggest tech startup event in Europe was here in our icy Helsinki again. Slush, created by Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, filled the Exhibition Center and the Cable Factory with great speakers, startup companies and investors from all over the world for the couple of grey and darkening days. But Slush 2016 was everything but grey or dark. Here’s how I found it as a first timer, as a paramedic student, physical education instructor and a sport business startupper.
For me, everything was about people and atmosphere. We all can watch the revolutionary Ted talks and read inspirational books whenever we want. Not every day do we get the chance to really feel the revolutionary energy around us. In Slush, you totally can feel it. All over I felt like everybody was thinking that I can do anything, you can do anything, and even more important; together we can do way more than anything. Beforehand I thought that I want to find new perspectives, meet inspiring people and hear their stories and thoughts. I wanted to orientate to the health tech startups and what’s coming on at that field. Well, I got all that and more. All those passionate and experienced people gave me feeling that we actually can make big changes to the world and make it a better place to live, no matter what is happening in the world now or ever.
Why such a hippy attitude in place where the numbers count and people are money oriented? My personal dream in a nutshell, is by doing good in the world to be a successful and popular business. If we can put these two together, business and working for a better world, I think that we will get some great news coming on in future. In Slush I saw these two things stick together everywhere, and that worked well. That’s the thing what made me smile more than sun does far away in space.
Sometimes I use term stand-up scene instead of startup scene because all that useless hype which have a strong presence in startup events. Now after Slush 2016 I have to bend the knee and admit, the hype is not just empty words. The hype is also hard work and with passion you can really make a difference.

Thank you Metropolia Entrepreneurship Societyfor the Conference ticket, I salute you! Also, special thanks to all the volunteers, what would the Slush be without you!

With my very best regards, Kati.

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