Is this course going to be theory and in class lecturing all the time?

No. Lecturers are trying to make the course as practical as possible and have some basic lecturers to add structure while using guest lectures and entrepreneurs to bring home the reality of entrepreneurship.

How long will the course last?

One full year Sept to June. A timetable outlining the plan for the course will be provided to students.

Who can join the course?

Any Metropolia UAS student. You can be in first or fourth year, engineering or business and any age.

I heard that you have to pay a fee for the course?

Correct. There is a fee for the course which is 22 Euro. This fee covers the cost of our partner Suomen Nuori Yrittäjyys. You can see what the partnership entails in the first answer above.

What type of startup can be formed?

Any type of startup can be formed, from technology to retail business to whatever.

Who are the mentors?

The mentors are currently being finalised and are in general entrepreneurs with various levels of experience or lecturers who have had a background in entrepreneurship. Mentors will be detailed shortly.

How many credits for the course?

Well, if you ask that then you’re probably not the entrepreneurial student needed for this course. There will be sufficient credits for the course.

If I have started planning my company but have not launched can I join the course?


What exactly does the status of cooperative business mean?

It basically means students can operate as a business without paying tax until a limit of €8,500. Young Entrepreneurs Finland will be launching their new website soon and further explanation can be found from there.

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