Business Idea Competition, Spring 2011

Business Idea Competition is a Metropolia ES driven competition to ACTIVATE and SEEK OUT for killer ideas that want to be started in form of business!

What are we looking for?

We are looking for ambition, courage and dreams. We are looking for ideas that can create new growth companies.

Who’s the judge?

Our panel of judges include a great amount of successful business-driven people who know what you really should be doing. The crew is based from the following people.

Jukka Hassinen
Jukka is the founder of Brain Alliance and former CEO of Soprano Brain Alliance, the only official partner of Zend Technologies in Finland and probably the leading PHP engineering house

Mohamed El-Fatatry
Mohamed is the CEO and founder of Muxlim, the biggest online community for muslims

John Greene
John is a lecturer from Metropolia

How can I/we participate?

You’ll have to create a 2 page document about your idea. The idea has to have market potential at least in your opinion, it has to be doable and you will have to have a plan on how to execute it.

We don’t limit the numbers of words, pictures, links or anything like that. It’s all about convincing our judges who are experienced in pitching and mentoring startups that go after funding.

And for your information, no business angel or VC is going to read your 40 page business plan, they just want to see that you’ve written it. Just don’t be boring – these guys are very intelligent.

Please note that this competition is aimed for Metropolia students. So, you need a Metropolia student team/team member(s).

What else do I have to do to convince the judges?

You also are required to demo your idea, either in Powerpoint or a fully working demo. The point is that the judges have to know what you are about to create. Be creative, sell your idea to the judges. No matter how as long as you don’t try to give them a 40 page plan.


The prizes are meant to support you in turning your business idea into reality. We won’t be handing out money just for fun but to get your expenses covered.


The deadline for the descriptions and demos is 17th of April. Date for prize ceremony will be announced later.

.. So get your idea on board and let’s get it started!

Please submit the material with e-lomake!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us to metropoliaes (at)!

Our sponsors and partners:

Soprano Brain Alliance

Metropolia Business School

Metropolia alumnit


Competition poster:

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