Business Idea Competition, Spring 2011 – A great success!

The first Business Idea Competition is over and the winners are:

1st place: Yöelämä.fi by Matti Lamminsalo
2nd place: ShowerMagic by Jason Selvarajan
3rd place: E-Unified News by Besnik Shala, Mehalet Yared, Onni Nikkinen and Kelka Sisay

Final judging was held on 19th May in Leppävaara and we got lots of good ideas. Main judging criterias were the readiness of the business idea, all pre-work in market investigating and the capability in actually executing the plan.

If you didn’t get selected in the top three it doesn’t mean your idea is not worth trying! It just means that our judges didn’t see it like you do or that it wasn’t thought through far enough. And just like Mohamed said — if someone is ready to pay for it, it’s the highest validation you can get, no matter what the judges said.

Metropolia ES thanks every each one of you for participating!
The competition was awesome, everyone was on time and prepared at the judging event. The judges were on fire, it was a true pleasure in just listening both the competitors but also the judges. Also we were prepared – thanks to Riina Rupponen 😉

A special thanks go to the judges who made the event possible and worth attending!

Mohamed El-Fatatry

Jukka Hassinen

John Greene

And also Taneli Tikka who also was a power player in this competition.
Thank you!

Also the following organizations made it possible:

Soprano Brain Alliance

Metropolia Business School

Metropolia alumnit


Once again, thank you and good luck in executing your GREAT ideas into business! 🙂

– Metropolia ES / Kalle

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