Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society is a student driven organisation that aspires to promote, support and generate Metropolia student and alumni entrepreneurship. We welcome all entrepreneurial and entrepreneur students and alumni to our events and join us in our mission in helping to realize future dreams.

We are looking for enthusiastic member to join our core team. Is your passion to promote entrepreneurship and make things happen?

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Here’s a list on things we want to achieve:

  • Provide basic knowledge on entrepreneurship
  • Offer peer-to-peer resources to create mentoring and team building
  • Create an old fart network of been-there-done-that entrepreneurs for mentoring and market access
  • Create a positive buzz around entrepreneurship in Metropolia amongst both students and staff
  • Provide segment specific help on entrepreneurial challenges
  • Enhance synergies between studies and entrepreneurship

Our Team

Vladislav Khayrudinov, Chairman of the Board
vladislav.khayrudinov (at) metropoliaes.fi ; info (at) metropoliaes.fi
Anastasia_thumb 2
Anastasia Kravtsova, Communications/Human Resources
anastasiia.kravtcova (at) metropoliaes.fi ; info (at) metropoliaes.fi
Prabhat Khanal, Events
prabhat.khanal (at) metropolia.fi
Ou Yufei
Yufei Ou, Design
yufeio (at) metropolia.fi



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