StartUP Challenge Mentors

StartUp Challenge Mentors

StartUP Challenge Mentors are generally experienced entrepreneurs who provide their knowledge, skills and time to assist student companies.

Oliver Bremer (Founder of founder2be)

Oliver is the founder and CEO of Founder2be, the rapidly growing co-founder finding service helping people start or join a start-up. He is also the co-founder of TangaReef set to launch this fall which will change the way people book dive trips online. Prior to taking the leap and enter start-up life, Oliver worked at Nokia and Strands. He holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Tulsa in the U.S.

founder2be: The place for co-founders to get started with a start up business – Share your business idea and find a co-founder.

Kristoffer Lawson (Co-Founder/Head of Product at Holvi & Scred)

Kristoffer is the co-founder of both Holvi and Scred. His well known as the Travelling Salesman in which he made an epic and adventurous journey around the Nordic regions, meeting people, companies, students, startups and entrepreneurs. He is also the founder of Finland’s largest digital art festival, The Alternative Party, which has been running for 11 years and grown from very humble beginnings to one of the most recognised tech events in Finland, with guests arriving from all around the globe. It has also been an influential force in promoting the demoscene and revitalising it. Kristoffer started programming when he was 7 and almost immediately decided he was to become a billionaire by running a technology company. “I am still on my way.”

Holvi is a new online banking service for creative projects and group activities.

Scred is a Finnish company building tools and services to help friends, groups and communities manage their money, wherever they are.

Jukka Hassinen (Founder of Brain Alliance)

Jukka Hassinen (CEO) is the founder of Soprano Brain Alliance and the PHP ace with over ten years of programming experience. Soprano Plc bought the majority of Brain Alliance’s shares in June 2009.


Soprano Brain Alliance specializes particularly in the modern open source web technologies such as PHP.

Antti Hovi (Helsinki Metropolia UAS Lecturer/Former VC)

Founder and CEO at Ardire Ltd. Ardire (Italian); boldness, dare.
Ardire is a privately held consulting and investment company. The aim of Ardire is to help high-tech globally oriented companies reach their full potential. Ardire assists the companies in financing, strategy and even day-to-day operations.  Previously Antti was Vice President at OKO Venture Capital Oy.

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